What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a designated area within which all businesses have agreed, following an independent ballot, to pay a BID levy for improvements to jointly procure the infrastructure and services in that area.

The Astmoor BID is a partnership between businesses and property owners on Astmoor Industrial Estate in Runcorn and a range of partner organisations including Halton Borough Council.

The vision of the partnership is “To promote Astmoor Industrial Estate as a location of choice for both employers and employees across Cheshire and Merseyside, by working in partnership to focus on our four themes for improvement”:

  • Safe and secure trading environment
  • Image enhancement measures across the estate
  • Co-ordinated, supported and promoted estate
  • Training, knowledge and skills

In December 2007, businesses and property owners on the estate approved the proposal to create a BID between 1st April 2008 and 31st March 2013. The BID Levy is only spent on improvement projects and services that are over and above the statutory services that are provided by the Local Authority.

On 1st March 2013, following a detailed consultation exercise, businesses on Astmoor Industrial Estate voted in favour of the continuation of the BID for a further five years.

How is it managed?

The BID is managed by businesses and property owners on the estate through an elected Executive Committee who feedback to the Astmoor Business Steering Group. All businesses and property owners on the estates can nominate a representative with voting rights at the Business Steering Group meetings.

The Halton Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise act as the ‘BID Body’, the organisation responsible for implementing the business plan and ensuring that the BID Levy collected by the Council is spent in line with the BID Business Plan.

What has the Astmoor BID achieved to date?

Enhanced welcome signs
Evening Patrols
Chamber Membership
Training courses
Security Gates
Fly Tipping Removal
Alarm/Incident response 24/7
Crime reduction on Astmoor
Estate Manager
Security Lights
Salt bins and salt
SelectaMark DNA kits
Keyholding Service

BID Themes

Since its inception, the Astmoor Bid has provided the services to tackle the issues that matter most to businesses.

Theme 1: Safe and Secure

The Astmoor BID has contributed to a massive reduction in recorded crime through the provision of:

Theme 2: Image Enhancement

The physical environment and the visual appearance of the estate has been improved through:

Theme 3: Co-ordinated, Supported and Promoted Estate

Through the implementation of the BID, Astmoor Businesses now have the people, resources and systems in place to move the estate forward and will continue to develop the Estate to ensure it can attract new companies, employees and is a location where your company is proud to bring its customers.

The Astmoor BID also works closely with various public and private sector agencies, to offer business support solutions and improve the performance of businesses across the estate.

The benefits for your business from the Co-ordinated, Supported and Promoted Estate theme are:

Theme 4: Training, Knowledge and Skills

The Astmoor BID is working to provide free, bespoke training in a number of business critical disciplines including: